Stacey Kidder

I earned a B.S. and M.S.W. degree from Louisiana State University (LSU) and have a state license to practice clinical social work (L.C.S.W).  I am in good standing with the National Association of Social Workers (N.A.S.W.) and the Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners (LABSWE)  I have completed all continuing education hours and continue to fulfill these requirements on a yearly basis. Prior to my counseling profession, I taught in the field of martial arts and am a Third Degree Nationally Certified Taekwondo Black Belt Instructor and a certified instructor of self-defense. I have often held the position of "adjunct instructor" at LSU, teaching three courses concurrently in social work skills and child and community issues.

I am pleased to say that I have been married for over 32 years. My husband loves his involvement in dentistry (limits his practice to jaw pain and occlusion treatment).  Together, we are the proud parents of 3 outstanding adult sons!  My oldest son is practicing dentistry locally, my middle son is at Dell Computers and plays drums with a band in Austin, TX, while my youngest is a student of dentistry at the N.O School of Dentistry. 


Trenny Barbato

Trenny Barbato has a Master in Education from Southeastern Louisiana University and she focused on marriage and family therapy in her training. She is also a registered nurse. She is working under supervision to obtain her certification of Licensed Professional Counselor. She also works at Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge.

Treeny works with older children, adolescents, adults and couples. She is married and has two grown children and one grandchild. She has lived in Baton Rouge for thirty-five years and is originally from New Orleans.


Charlotte Pharaon
Charlotte Pharaon is our office manager. Charlotte retired as a claims adjuster specialist for State Farm for over 30 years. She then worked for a local law firm. Charlotte has extended knowledge in insurance issues, scheduling and dealing with the public. She is married and has three adult daughters, several grandchildren and an adult son who is a surgeon in Arkansas.
"We experience much sadness in losing our beloved Blaize. He will be greatly missed."


I received Blaize, a royal standard poodle puppy from Nova Scotia, Canada several years ago. Even as a puppy, Blaize was very well behaved.
I was a counselor with Baton Rouge Counseling Center and also was teaching classes at LSU. I brought Blaize to a few of those classes and found that he did exceptionally well with the students, the travel, and patience, sitting quietly while class took place. 5 years ago, when I opened my own private practice and had permission from the landlord to bring a dog, I started bringing Blaize and found that same well-behaved manner. He began exhibiting unique compassion and empathy toward our clients. He does not intimidate even the smallest child. We certainly respect any requests, however, to put him in a separate room and close the door if there is any fear or phobia toward animals. He has since been "hired" on as a full-time employee, and is part of our counseling services!

Office Settings

Our goal is to provide a "living room" atmosphere in which our guests
(our clients) can feel comfortable and welcome. We believe that this setting should consist of comfortable seating with home furniture, lit candles, and plenty of refreshments always available in our refrigerator! Another very important aspect of our office setting is that we have a separate waiting room, where anyone waiting for their appointment is isolated from any other client coming in or out of the office. Confidentiality is maintained by being able to keep our guests flowing in a private manner.